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Product News

  • 15 April at 20:33 from facebook

    What's hot in France? Theolier's one piece light ash body Stratocaster. Celtic knot topped chrome knobs, SD pickups, on a super mirror stainless steel guard. Thanks Theolier for the great photos, a ve

  • 22 March at 23:37 from facebook

    Daniel's 2016 Gibson SG '61 reissue in ebony, with 'angel wing' SG guard in Super Mirror stainless steel. Who wants a devilish ebony SG now 😈 Yes, absolutely :) Cheers Daniel for the pics, very tas

  • 17 March at 09:31 from facebook

    Looking showroom Mike, has been a total pleasure to be involved in your iconic Iron Maiden Strat guard renewal, cheers for sharing friend, love it :)

  • 23 February at 20:30 from facebook

    Another Inter-dimensional super mirror fly-by... heading toward the uptown region of Stratocentauri

  • 4 February at 21:03 from facebook

    Daylon calls this The Showstopper. I called it the Emerald Green Supreme Sparkle Machine :) However we see it, his creative vision has scored a magic result. The Mozaic HSS Strat guard, modded to fit

  • 21 January at 21:59 from facebook

    Fender Humbuckers quick reference guide for 2 screw hole humbucker slot installation. Most Fender humbucker models also have 2 center mounting holes which will install into a regular 2 hole guard slot

  • 24 December at 14:12 from facebook

    Happy Holidays to all - just take your guitar 😀

  • 13 November at 03:56 from facebook

    A smart black Telecaster HH with the sparking Silver Nova matching set of guard and control plate, from Kiohud in Phoenix Arizona. 'It looks great man, nice work!' Thanks again Kiohud for your awesome

  • 13 November at 03:20 from facebook

    Two hard working Tele's with popular super mirror stainless guards, Alpine White and Cherryburst Deluxe Tele's from David over in Colorado. Cheers for your photos David, nice setup there with the tw

  • 8 October at 17:29 from facebook

    This Tele guard duo will spark a wink even in the darkest of funky backstage alleys. Not a guard for stealth. Tele personality with a cascade of stainless steel silvery bling, is just as alive under c