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Product News

  • Kaleido pickguard in Chang Mai, Thailand.

    22 February at 01:24 from atlas

    Gary's gorgeous Candy Apple Red Strat strikes a pose with his lovely wife, or is it the other way around :)  ...

  • Chromed-out mirror love for your mighty Gibson SG.

    24 January at 03:46 from atlas

     This 3 piece set includes:  ...

  • Meet the Blitz - The Mirror's Rebellion

    9 January at 19:50 from atlas

    The BLITZ -  A Savaged Mirror creation. ...

  • It only took 75 years. Telecasters are now officially one of the coolest items on the planet - again

    20 December at 00:48 from atlas

     Crank your Tele's ladies and gentlemen. Pro-Steel fully endorses melting hot matching  ...

  • What, a matching set? How simply Tele-awesome!

    20 December at 00:45 from atlas

    Made a wish and it comes true. Take a closer look  

  • The Kaleido etched mirror guards range has expanded for your customised Strats and Teles

    19 December at 02:05 from atlas

    Dual un-covered Humbuckers...time to rock, with the Kaleido Strat HH guard. Get in, before Santa nabs them all :) ...

  • An Impressive Bareknuckle HSS Strat Setup is Sure to be an Inspiration to Play

    27 November at 01:25 from atlas

    Paul From Melbourne Upgrades a HSS Stratocaster With some well thought out modifications, this Strat is set for serious sounding ...

  • Meet Frank, a Strat morphed by the creative hand of Oren in Victoria, Canada

    12 November at 03:19 from atlas

    Frank has soul, that you can't buy off a shelf. I feel the already legendary vibe from here. ...

  • Entregado! Tequila Time! Mexico City 'Successfully Delivered'!!

    11 November at 21:50 from atlas

    A Kaleido Strat pickguard for Mexico?... No hay problema! We salute you Correos de México :) ...

  • An Awesome Custom Strat from André with a Fender 1994 40th Anniversary Aluminium Stratocaster

    24 September at 17:41 from atlas

    So you get an idea, a vision. Then what? Make it happen. Great work André. See details in this link below. ...