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  • What's with all the metal, huh?

    The guards are having a revolution, and you found it!

    Stainless steel: ♦ high bling chrome content ♦ non-magnetic ♦ will not corrode ♦ does not alter tone ♦ adds to resonance ♦ and beats down noise like a champ. Great as a pickguard for our best guitars. Stand back and watch it bleed style.

    Every guard is finished with hand rolled & polished edging, and protective skin for easy installation.

    Wood and steel are both vintage tone materials...  Steel has been used in electric guitar parts construction for over 60 years, also guitar strings, and in many other serious instruments for hundreds of years. They are both tone resonant materials, and the quality of these materials can vary. But when you get the good stuff together, it adds to the magic.

    Plastic is a modern, practical, and economical solution. It does not resonate very well, and it's rare to see on other serious stringed instruments.

    Veterans of Vintage - fear nothing, your original Fender tone will remain, with less noise. This non-magnetic stainless steel is also a very effective noise shield. Your electronics will be more stable and quieter at higher volumes, and will not interfere with the original tone. Let's really HEAR that clear as a bell clean, spitting harmonics right out of our gnarly Tone Bender fuzz !

    Fender originally made some guitars with metal guards, as they reduced the single coil noise, and transferred resonance well. But then plastic was easier to apply in production, could be different colors, and reduced costs.

    Currently Fender also stock a few editions and Custom Shop guitars with aluminium or metal chrome pickguards, and a few with acrylic mirror guards. 

    After 7 years of use on guitars here by the seaside, these guards are still clean and no marks of corrosion, and are expected to hold up even beyond the life of the instrument. In contrast, some original metal or chrome hardware on the same guitars have shown various signs of corrosion and pitting. 

    So here's where it's at, for now. Thanks for visiting, have a browse around the Player's Gallery where customers guitars are featured.

    Please feel welcome to email me any questions, or if you require any modification to any guard you see in the collection. 

    These pickguards are designed and manufactured at Gold Coast, Australia.

    Enjoy, and stay tuned.

       ... Johnny.