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  • What's with all the metal, huh?

    The Guards are Having a Revolution!

    In an entire Symphonic Orchestra, there are no instruments with plastic parts. Even the legendary symphonic Kazoo is made of metal.

    Finally we bring you, high grade stainless steel pickguard options, for your best guitars to stand out and bleed style. But it's more than looks.

    Some of us want better than a slab of plastic on our guitars. 
    Surely plastic does not define a guitar's best sound or resonance.

    After much research and testing, we have the ultimate pickguard for you.

    It's a great result: They look killer, don't detract from tone, adds to resonance, and beats down noise like a champ.

    Keeping with our vintage tone materials... wood and steel have both been used in electric guitar parts construction for over 60 years. They are both tone resonant materials used together in many other different instruments. 

    Plastic does not resonate very well at all, and rarely do we see any other serious stringed instruments with a plastic part.

    In my past 28 years with guitars, I have learned also high price factory made guitars need personal optimizations, and upgrades. 
    These guards are the result of one obvious improvement. A good looking, timeless alternative to plastic, for guitarists passionate about their instrument.

    Fender, long ago, originally made guitars with metal guards, as they reduced the single coil noise, and transferred resonance well. But plastic was easier to apply in production, could be different colors, was cheaper and cut costs.
    Currently Fender stock just a few USA or Custom Shop guitars with aluminium or metal chrome pickguards, and a few with Plastic Mirror guards.

    There's also the hybrid steel rock guitars from Trussart Custom Guitars at the high end market. 
    These are expensive, and used by some big profile players worldwide.

    So it's Down Under in the Bunker I experimented. And found the best results using a non-magnetic, specialized stainless steel, which will not corrode.
    * After time I've discovered these guards are still clean and no marks of corrosion after 5 years by the sea.
    This outlasted the guitar manufacturer's original metal hardware on the same guitars which has shown signs of corrosion and pitting on their chrome.

    Originally I begun designing steel guards for my own guitar collection.
    Then while out playing, others would ask about my pickguard. What next? The Revolution of the Guards had to begin!
    So I designed some superb smokin' guards for their favourite stage guitars. 
    Blame my guitar buddies for all this! 

    But they are right, it certainly adds attitude value to a guitar. 

    All Veterans of Vintage Tone - fear nothing, I am one also.
    After many A/B Tone tests between plastic and these steel guards, what I heard was especially neutral, the original tones still ring true for our Tele & Strats we love ! 

    But there are bonuses... noise reduction, and increased body resonance.
    Other players have said when using their guitars with these guards, the pickup circuitry has become quieter, and also cuts down 60 cycle electro noise at higher volumes.

    And that's what I also found. These steel guards are a double effective noise shield. 

    Gradually new models will be added to the collection, for all your tastes.
     * Many players are requesting guards not yet available in this collection, and that's great.
    So please feel welcome to email me. I want to know what your guitars want. 

    These pickguards are designed and manufactured with mojo love at Gold Coast, Australia.

     Any questions, please ask. Find the email link at top left of page.

    Enjoy, and stay tuned.
       ... Johnny.