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Custom stainless steel Telecaster & Stratocaster guitar pickguards. Etched metal Fender Strat & Tele guards, mirror non-magnetic chrome scratch plates

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Welcome to Pro-Steel, a place for passionate guitarists

Every guard is carefully hand finished, including rolled & polished edges, easy peel no residue protective skin, for easy handling during installation.

All orders with Tracking. Worldwide delivery


GIBSON SG * Super Mirror Gibson SG Chrome Guards

G&L * Legacy Tribute G&L Mirror Pickguards SSS and HSS

TELE * Standard SS Telecaster Metal & Mirror Pickguards

TELE * NEW Jim Root Tele HH mirror chrome pickguard

TELE * SH Humbucker Neck Tele Shiny Metal Pickguards

TELE * HH 2 Humbucker Telecaster Metal Pickguards

TELE * Blacktop Fender Telecaster Steel HH Pickguards

TELE * Matching Set Tele Steel Control Plate & Pickguard

STRAT * SSS Std Stratocaster Metal Chrome Pickguards

STRAT * HSS Stratocaster Metal Chrome Pickguards

STRAT * HSH 2 Humbuckers Single Mid Strat Metal Guard

STRAT * HH 2 Humbucker Strat Chrome Metal Pickguard

STRAT * Scarface Battle Relic Black Steel Strat HSH Guard

LEFT HAND * Left Hand Real Metal Guitar Pickguards

IN STOCK - Fender Stratocaster Metal Guitar Pickguards

IN STOCK - Fender Blacktop Tele HH Metal Pickguards

IN STOCK - HSH Fender Stratocaster Black Steel Guards

IN STOCK - Telecaster Chrome Steel Guitar Pickguards

IN STOCK - Fender SH Telecaster Machined Metal Guards

Worldwide air mail with Tracking

Customer's Guitar Photos - See Players Gallery

VIDEO - See Guards Fitted to Guitars - Strats and Teles fitted with some of the guards collection, bada bing!

VIDEO - How to Change your Pickguard - Easy to do. Also shows how to change out bridge single coil to Humbucker!

VIDEO - Stratocaster Pickguard Sound Test Plastic vs Steel - Rest easy Veterans of Vintage... the original Fender tone integrity remains true when tested with stainless steel Strat & Tele guards.

Our stainless steel is a high quality resonant metal, and will reduce electro magnetic noise, more than twice as effectively than a plastic guard with aluminium shield.

The steel of your guitar strings will rust, but these guards will be with you right to the blazing, rocking, rust free end.

A Fender factory guitar has many metal parts with direct or indirect contact of your steel strings, we just add a good quality sexy resonant stainless steel pickguard.

See Guard Specs -- Light-weight 0.8-1.0mm. Non-magnetic 304 grade stainless steel. Weight aprox same as 2 plastic guards.

New guard designs for other guitars will be available soon from Pro-Steel Pickguards

Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), including Stratocaster®; Strat®; Telecaster®; Tele®; Squier® are trademarks owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.


Product News

  • 24 December at 14:12 from facebook

    Happy Holidays to all - just take your guitar 😀

  • 13 November at 03:56 from facebook

    A smart black Telecaster HH with the sparking Silver Nova matching set of guard and control plate, from Kiohud in Phoenix Arizona. 'It looks great man, nice work!' Thanks again Kiohud for your awesome

  • 13 November at 03:20 from facebook

    Two hard working Tele's with popular super mirror stainless guards, Alpine White and Cherryburst Deluxe Tele's from David over in Colorado. Cheers for your photos David, nice setup there with the tw

  • 8 October at 17:29 from facebook

    This Tele guard duo will spark a wink even in the darkest of funky backstage alleys. Not a guard for stealth. Tele personality with a cascade of stainless steel silvery bling, is just as alive under c

  • 8 September at 01:07 from facebook

    Blitz #5 is alive, and gone.... to join a trans blue Strat in Vienna city, with a Floyd loaded bridge. It's a buzz making the Blitz, a cocktail of crazy fun & challenge. We'll be hangin' out for p