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Custom metal chrome Telecaster & Stratocaster guitar pickguards. Fender Strat & Tele etched mirror non-magnetic stainless steel guitar scratch-plates

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Welcome to Pro-Steel, a Place for Passionate Guitarists

Every guard is carefully hand finished, with rolled & polished edges, and an easy peel protective skin, for worry free handling installation.


GIBSON SG * Super Mirror Gibson SG Chrome Guards

G&L * Legacy Tribute G&L Mirror Pickguards SSS and HSS

TELE * Standard SS Telecaster Metal & Mirror Pickguards

TELE * NEW Jim Root Tele HH mirror chrome pickguard

TELE * SH Humbucker Neck Tele Shiny Metal Pickguards

TELE * HH 2 Humbucker Telecaster Metal Pickguards

TELE * Blacktop Fender Telecaster Steel HH Pickguards

TELE * Matching Set Tele Steel Control Plate & Pickguard

STRAT * SSS Std Stratocaster Metal Chrome Pickguards

STRAT * HSS Stratocaster Metal Chrome Pickguards

STRAT * HSH 2 Humbuckers Single Mid Strat Metal Guard

STRAT * HH 2 Humbucker Strat Chrome Metal Pickguard

STRAT * Scarface Battle Relic Black Steel Strat HSH Guard

LEFT HAND * Left Hand Real Metal Guitar Pickguards

IN STOCK - Fender Stratocaster Metal Guitar Pickguards

IN STOCK - Fender Blacktop Tele HH Metal Pickguards

IN STOCK - HSH Fender Stratocaster Black Steel Guards

IN STOCK - Telecaster Chrome Steel Guitar Pickguards

IN STOCK - Fender SH Telecaster Machined Metal Guards

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Customer's Guitar Photos - See Players Gallery

VIDEO - See Guards Fitted to Guitars - Strats and Teles fitted with some of the guards collection, bada bing!

VIDEO - How to Change your Pickguard - Easy to do. Also shows how to change out bridge single coil to Humbucker!

VIDEO - Stratocaster Pickguard Sound Test Plastic vs Steel - Rest easy Veterans of Vintage... the original Fender tone integrity remains true when tested with stainless steel Strat & Tele guards.

Our stainless steel is a high quality resonant metal, and will reduce electro magnetic noise, more than twice as effectively than a plastic guard with aluminium shield.

The steel of your guitar strings will rust, but these guards will be with you right to the blazing, rocking, rust free end.

A Fender factory guitar has many metal parts with direct or indirect contact of your steel strings, we just add a good quality sexy resonant stainless steel pickguard.

See Guard Specs -- Light-weight 0.8-1.0mm. Non-magnetic 304 grade stainless steel. Weight aprox same as 2 plastic guards.

New guard designs for other guitars will be available soon from Pro-Steel Pickguards

Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), including Stratocaster®; Strat®; Telecaster®; Tele®; Squier® are trademarks owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.


Product News

  • 15 April at 01:39 from facebook

    Soon appearing on a Strat in Augusta, GA. - Blitz #4 does a multiple personality reveal-all under any light it could find itself in. A video interview with the enigmatic Blitz #4 will follow, after I

  • 20 March at 04:30 from facebook

    Close up and friendly with a Buffalo Tele Pickguard for SH & HH Fender Telecasters. A fine leather-like pattern etched permanently into stainless steel, then polished to a glassy chrome gleam. A

  • 6 March at 03:03 from facebook

    Funky stars etched into mirror stainless steel. The Kaleido get's the funk on the Tele, with a matching Control Plate. All the bling in our Tele's best interests, with a very durable part mirror surfa

  • 15 February at 04:31 from facebook

    Gibson SG Super Mirror tripple love, 3 Piece Sets. Choose the Standard set or Extended set. I could not choose so had to make both. You could just toss a coin or get both, too easy :)

  • 5 February at 00:02 from facebook

    Blitz Strat appears in Georgia USA, equipped with Seymour Rails and ready to take on the world. A unique Stratocaster with bad-ass swank, created with Gregg's vision to make it a reality. An awesome e